Sergio dixon - Site Leader

Sergio is a young man on fire for God and eager to do the work of the kingdom! Born on the low-social economic south side of Chicago, Sergio has overcome much in his short life! Born June 9, 1987; a month and 8 days after birth, his mother was shot and killed on a bus stop with him in her arms. Though left for dead, Sergio was found alive almost 6 hours later lying next to his mother’s body. Jeremiah 1:5 rings from his story. Sergio was adopted by his grandmother who did everything in her power to raise a respectful and intelligent young man. However, growing up Sergio endured several traumatic events: molestation, physical/mental abuse, and his household was detrimentally affected by drug abuse. 

However, to God be the Glory! Romans 8:28 is the heartbeat of Sergio’s story. After graduating HS in 2005, Sergio joined the Military and served 8yrs in the US Army. He traveled to Iraq twice completing a total of 13 months and 11 days of overseas duty. Sergio has been preaching the gospel of Christ since 2007. On May 12, 2018, he will be graduating from Moody Bible Institute with a BA in Counseling. Sergio had been on several short-term mission trips including Haiti & Kenya and plans not only to change his community but the world as well! Sergio is an associate minister at All Nations Worship Assembly Chicago. One of his favorite quotes is…“God changed me, so I can change the world!”

Sergio is a preacher, a motivator, an educator, a counselor, a leader and most of all a SERVANT; who has the passion to help the world become a better place.   

“I am not a product of my environment. I am a product of my decisions!” – Stephen R. Covey

“Those crazy enough to believe they can change the world, are usually the ones who do! – Unknown