Becoming a Young Knights' Mentor

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 Do you believe that God can change a community, even the world, by changing one boy at a time? Do YOU want to play a significant role in turning boys into great men? Mentors make a difference – a God-sized difference!

What is a mentor?

/ˈmenˌtôr/ – a trusted counselor or guide.

Notice it doesn’t say “teacher”, “father-figure” or “perfect person”.  The key word in the definition of a mentor is “trust”. YK mentors are simply good and godly men who are committed to spending a few hours a week (most of which takes place in a group setting) with a young man in need of a positive role model.

The more time a mentor spends, the more that trust is built.  By being present and real with these boys, your opinions gain respect. Gradually the opportunity to counsel and guide will come naturally as you discuss prepared questions at Roundtable, grab a meal together, or talk over the phone or text. YK mentors involve themselves in a boy’s life, providing genuine encouragement, real hope, and a clear picture of what it means to be a man of God.

What does it take to be a mentor?

  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • A heart for boys who live on Chicago’s South Side

  • Time – on average 2 hours a week (excluding travel time)

  • The desire to live out the 5 Commitments of a Young Knight

  • A commitment to learn and grow

  • The humility to come under the leadership of Young Knights

  • Interview(s) with YK staff

  • Complete YK Mentor Application

  • Background and reference checks

  • Attend a YK Mentor Orientation Meeting and receive on-going coaching

I’m a mentor, now what?  

  • Be yourself, be real and have fun!

  • Get to know your mentee and his family.

  • Pray daily for your mentee, his family, and community. Enlist other men to pray for you as a mentor. Keep them informed!

  • Be faithful in your attendance at Roundtable, communicating with your Site Director if you are unable to attend.

  • Be available to your mentees and Site Director, responding to texts, emails or phone calls in a timely manner.

  • Initiate regular contact with your mentee, checking in with them weekly.

  • Come prepared to participate at Roundtable, reviewing the lesson plan and discussion questions in advance.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please click here to submit an application.

If you have any questions please email