Our Identity is found IN Christ

What boy doesn’t long for greatness? Whether on the basketball court draining a three, or on a stage delivering a killer performance, every boy dreams of doing something great, of being somebody. While very few boys will ever live out their fantasies of fame and fortune, the gospel truth is that every boy is somebody, somebody designed and destined for greatness!

Young Knights is committed to Turning Boys into Great Men! In last month’s blog I shared three simple statements in an effort to define what it means to be a great man:

  • IDENTITY in Christ
  • INTEGRITY through Christ
  • INFLUENCE for Christ

We are praying for boys, boys growing up in some of the roughest neighborhoods in our country, to experience true greatness – to discover who they are and can be in, through and for Christ!

We’ve all looked into the mirror and wrestled with the question, “Who am I?” For boys growing up in the hood, the reflection in the mirror is clouded by images of violence, poverty, addiction, injustice, sex, and neglect.  So where, or to whom, do they, or any of us for that matter, turn for an answer to that most basic of human questions?

It took me nearly 43 years to get this truth, the kind of truth that sets us free and holds us firm, from my head into my heart: We are who Christ says we are! We are defined not by our past, by our circumstances, or by the opinions of others. Our identity is IN Christ! 2 Corinthians 2:17 tells us that “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” 

The key phrase in the passage is two little words, ‘in Christ’. That’s Paul’s favorite term for a Christian. It’s used 164 times in the NT.  It’s a powerful phrase. If you are in Christ, your identity is found in Christ, your purpose is found in Christ, your hope is found in Christ, and your life is found in Christ!

One of my favorite passages of scripture is Romans 8. In this chapter we see seven awesome truths about life IN Christ! In Christ we receive a great life, a life without…

  1. Condemnation. (v.1)
  2. Domination. (vv.2-17)
  3. Desperation. (vv.18-27)
  4. Miscalculation. (vv. 28-30)
  5. Intimidation. (vv. 31,33,34)
  6. Limitation. (v. 32)
  7. Separation. (vv. 35-39)

Take the time to read the text and soak in these seven promises and privileges that we have in Christ. We were made in His image so that we might reflect His image.  The Christian life is about more than being forgiven, more even than making it to heaven. The heart of Christianity is about transformation – about God who wants to make ALL things new! It’s about Turning Boys into Great Men!

Grateful for your prayers and partnership,