This past weekend my wife and I attended Pray Chicago, an event coinciding with the national observance of Dr. Martin Luther King. It was a very moving experience – one difficult to describe with words alone. We came away profoundly challenged and encouraged to see brothers and sisters of all colors and kinds gathered together to pray for our city.

I’m convinced that prayer opens our eyes to seeing what we would otherwise miss. Prayer is practicing the presence of Christ, allowing us to know, see, and experience what can only be found in Him and through Him.

Young Knights is committed to prayer, both its power and practice. It’s built into our organizational DNA because we are convinced that anything truly worth doing, that makes a real difference, comes from God. And so, our desire or more accurately, our desperate need, is for our ministry to be both prayer birthed and bathed!

I’m inviting you to join us as we pray this year for…

                              2 Chronicles 7:14

  • Chicago: that the tsunami of violence, unemployment, homelessness, corruption and addiction that ravage our city would lose its destructive power.
  • The church: that it would stand together as the very manifestation of Christ, overflowing with His love and bearing witness to His grace.  Pray for His church, throughout the entire city, to experience revival, renewal, and a fresh anointing to do abundantly more for His glory!
  • Young Knights: that God grow the ministry and use it to bring about real and lasting change in the lives of the boys we serve on Chicago’s South Side.  Pray for God’s favor as we wait upon Him for direction and resources.
  • Young Knights’ staff and mentors: that we would abide in Christ and His Word, serving as guides seeking to live out the 5 Commitments of a Young Knight in our own lives.
  • Young Knights mentees and their families: for protection, both physical and spiritual. Pray for walls of fear, distrust, apathy, and hopelessness to be torn down and replaced. Pray for God’s presence and provision to be experienced in powerful ways!

Time after time Jesus looked over the crowds, over the city, and he was moved. He had compassion for people, all people, but especially for those numbered among the least, the last, and the lost. May God give us eyes to see. May He give us a fresh vision for Chicago!